If I had my way, the FCC would fine networks for excessive crying. It's gotten out of hand. People cry on TV now at the drop of a hat. I mean, I'm not heartless, so I get that sometimes emotions can get out of control, but some of these shows just seem to coax gratuitous crying for no good reason.

I was watching some cooking competition the other day, which should be a tear-free zone. One of the competitors was telling their story which was something like, "I really wanted to go to cooking school when I was a kid, but I started building houses with my stepdad instead, so I didn't really get started with my dream until I was about 24." That sentence took an entire minute to get through because it was filled with blubbering and sobbing.

Crying is the reason I can't stand to watch weight-loss shows. I could likely benefit from them. Perhaps get some motivation to get healthier, but I just can't get past the crying every five minutes. I think the first 30 pounds lost on Biggest Loser is from tears.

The video I shared above is the one and only time I've enjoyed crying on TV. This guy gets a free pass. He can cry all he wants to because it's hilarious.

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