I remember as a kid my mom had two cameras.  One was a regular type camera that you put the roll of film in and then had to have it developed to get your pictures.

The other one was a cool Polaroid camera.

I remember how excited we would get when she would take a picture and the camera would spit it out and then we would fight over who got to shake it to make it develop.

My son Triston came by the house the other night and was so excited to show me his new camera.

I laughed so hard when I saw that it was a Polaroid.

The pictures even have the old time look to them.

Karen Gallagher - TSM Billings
Karen Gallagher - TSM Billings

I didn't know that they had made a come back.

What made me laugh even harder was that my husband reminded me that at our wedding almost 20 years ago, my brother was sitting in the front row taking pictures with a Polaroid.

The story is much more humorous when my husband tells it with all the sound effects of the camera clicking and the picture coming out and my brother getting it ready to develop.

Are you old enough to remember the Polaroid camera?

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