I'm not a big cyber Monday guy in fact I'm not a big cyber any day guy.

I did buy a clutch over the weekend but that was the extent of my buying. It seems that many of you are though, with almost twelve billion dollars about to be spent today.

I remember years ago it was a rare occurrence when a package would show up at the house. There were only a few things that you could send for Christmas, in fact, these places were ahead of their time. I remember we got a box of steaks that my dad received for Christmas from Omaha Steaks, they were packed in dry ice which was really cool.

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One of the only other things as far as gifts that were sent was a package of cheese and sausage from Hickory Farms. They sent those things out all over the country.

The only other one that I can remember was Knott's Berry Farm. They had a really fancy box with about 12 different jellies inside that came from California. After that, there wasn't much that was delivered. All the shopping was done IN person at retail or specialty stores.

Heck, 30 years ago the only people who delivered food was Domino's Pizza, no one else delivered it. Now if you don't offer delivery it's an anomaly. UPS men and Fed Ex people never had to worry about working on Christmas they had everything done before Christmas Eve. Now they can't get enough people to work because of the package load. How things have changed...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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