Celebrating 36 years on the air in Billings today! It was great to hear from the many listeners that we've gotten to know and to hear from former coworkers, some we hadn't talked to in more than a decade. One interesting note: none of our former general managers called in, but I wasn't surprised. You can't be everybody's best friend at work.

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Thinking back on all the towns, countries, and events that this job has taken us to is pretty amazing. I'll tell you, quite frankly, there are no other radio jobs in Montana like what we've got. And we've had the good fortune to have worked with a lot of people who were really good at their jobs, and those jobs were designed to help us.

We heard from Johnny V this morning. He was the most "all about what's good for the Flakes show" guy that we've ever had here. And I had completely forgotten about 23 Floors With The Flakes. Good times!

And today also brought back some memories of coworkers that are no longer with us. This business is full of very interesting personalities, and many of them have landed here for a bit.

I don't know for certain at this moment how much longer Paul & I will continue on, but I will tell you that this job is more fun than it's ever been (not counting writing these danged things). So, all the fun you hear us having is not even ALL of the fun.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for your support.

Back at it, 5 a.m. Monday.

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