As I was closing out the show yesterday, I received a call from a discouraged Cat Pack member. He wanted to know he wasn't alone with what happened to him.

He said over the past few months he has noticed his wife of seven years spending a lot more time on her phone. Every time he passed by her he noticed she was on Facebook but would immediately hide what she was doing. Red Flag!

When he asked what she was up to, she would get up tight and a fight would ensue. Another Red Flag!

Apparently last week she didn't come home like she normally does and wouldn't answer her phone so he got worried and went looking for her. He said he saw her car at one of the casinos on Grand Avenue in Billings and stopped to see what she was up to.

Sure enough when he walked in, she was sitting with another guy having what he described as a very friendly conversation. She had a new boyfriend and was busted.

She confessed that she met this guy through Facebook and was thinking of leaving the marriage because of the new excitement she had found. She apologized, asked for forgiveness and swore she didn't have any of those 'particular' relations with this guy.

He says he loves her and wants to believe her but is obviously struggling with his own emotions right now and I personally don't blame him.

I told him time would heal his wounds, but to make sure he made decisions with his head and trust his gut.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I have heard this story and it's incredibly sad.

Has Facebook ever affected your personal relationships?