Another school shooting yesterday in North Carolina and this time everyone is quiet. In fact, this is the second school shooting in North Carolina in the last two weeks.

Schools including our own love to preach about school safety when it comes to Covid-19, yet won't put metal detectors in their entryways. They'll check temperatures but not backpacks. The silence is from the hardline gun critics that blame the gun for all of the tragedies.

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Joe leave-them-behind Biden is always the first one to come out and blast the guns of America as the problem. Not this time. Not Bernie or Elizabeth either. Why? Why the silence? Well, Joe just gave one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world billions of dollars worth of guns, ammo, grenades, rocket launchers, and aircraft. All of this and not one background check was done. How do you think that would go over if the cries to disarm America again resonated through the democratic party after they just armed the Taliban?

Even worse is the fact that they are now parading around in our American uniforms with our flag on their shoulder. This makes me sick. All the blood that has stained the American soldiers' uniforms over our history and now we have terrorists wearing them. Wait till they parade around Afghanistan claiming to be an American detail trying to help the Afghans that helped us over the last 20 years get out of the country. Think of the atrocities that will be carried out in our uniforms with our weapons. Now we find out he asked the Afghan president to lie for him to cover his ass. Impeachment and court martialing would be letting Biden off easy. The sad part is he'll get away with it.

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