As I watched a couple of the football games last night it became apparent to me that more NFL players are joining forces and not standing for the National Anthem.

Before I get too far into this I need to make it clear that I understand freedom of speech in this country and I respect that right. However I believe in consequences for actions as well and feel too many are doing things that are shocking to me with no action what so ever.

I ran into someone that made the comment to me that they should through those players in jail for what they are doing...or in this case not doing.

I don't agree with a jail term but think there are some things that should happen.

I agree with Paul saying that TV shouldn't show them doing that. I feel it only publicizes a point that is not appropriate. I truly think the NFL should consider the future of these individuals in their organization but I know they won't because money is everything.

What do you think should happen? Do you agree with these players? 406-248-5665