I'm writing this on February 13th, so I realize this is the 11th hour for Valentine's Day gifts, but I was just made aware of this a matter of hours ago...on the bulletin board in the IGA. The Big Sky Chorus offers Singing Valentines for Valentine's Day.

I called the number listed on the tear-off tab of their flyer and it goes to an answering machine (I would say voicemail, but this might be an actual answering machine).  According to the message, you simply need to leave your name and number and they will call you back to arrange your singing valentine.  There was no indication in the greeting that they were "all booked up", so I thought I would share their contact info.  This seems like a really great, unique, memorable, meaningful and affordable gift for the person you love.

Click the link to get more information about the Big Sky Chorus, the voices behind the singing valentines.  You will also find the phone number to book your own.

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