Hey, if the Olympics can combine shooting and cross country skiing then we can combine two of Montana's favorite activities (horseback riding and skiing) into a single sport. The sport of skijoring was actually a demonstration sport at the 2nd Olympic Winter games in 1928 but Swiss Skijorers took the gold, silver and bronze (Montanan's hang your heads in shame).

Proof that the sport is uniquely Montanan is in the host city of the World Skijoring Championships annually held in Whitefish at the end of every January. Click here for more information. Fortunately, skijorers need not go all the way to Whitefish to participate or attend a match... meet? competition? duel? I'm really not sure what to call it. Anyway, the U.S. National Skijoring Finals are held in Red Lodge this weekend so you'll be able to scratch your skijoring itch (there's probably a cream for this). Here is the website with a schedule of events: http://redlodgeskijoring.com/red-lodge-ski-joring-schedule/