As we go about our day today, please take a few minutes to stop and thank the Veterans for what they have done and are doing for our country. I come from what I feel is a pretty big Military family. My dad, Pvt John L Gallagher U.S. Army (top left) was a proud man who served during the Korean War. Four of my brothers also served in the Military, Bob Gallagher (not pictured) Marines, Terry Gallagher (not pictured) Air Force, Jim Gallagher (second from the left) Navy & Dan Gallagher (far top right) Navy. I am so very proud of all of them for their service. I have several nieces and nephews who also served our country with pride. (Justin O'Neil third from the left on top), Thomas Gallagher (not pictured), Christopher Gallagher (lower left) and his wife Rose Gallagher (second from left bottom)  One of the greatest pictures I've seen in the third from the left on the bottom, it's a picture of my Brother Jim Gallagher and his son Christopher Gallagher together as they were both serving our Country. And I don't want to forget my brother-in-laws and their family who served too (David O'Niel (not pictured), Brent Skramtad and his brother Brady Skramstad (bottom right). I can not thank them enough for their service and standing up for our freedom. I salute and thank everyone who has served and is serving and the scarifies that you have made and are making. May God bless you.

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