Wow, I guess I didn't realize that there was a national Sons and Daughters day. Guess that makes me a non-caring, forgetful, unappreciative dad. NO, it doesn't. The sad thing is we shouldn't need a special day for sons and daughters.

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Every day should be a special day where you value your kids. We have become so fragile as a society that unless we make a certain individual or group or gender or particular employee or profession or some other category special means we are awful human beings. We have Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Grandparents Day  Friends Day,1st Responders Day, and on and on.

The ones that we should pay more attention to that don't get the attention it should is Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Maybe it's because no one buys gifts or goes to dinner on those days. The point is we should all love and care about the things that really matter in life anyway without having to have a special day to remind us of that.

No one ever seems to forget their phone when they go somewhere, so how about paying a little attention to people close to you once in a while. I always tell my kids how proud I am of them so they don't need a special day. If they felt like they did then I haven't been doing my job as a full-time parent. They Know. But just so you haters out there don't think I'm an inconsiderate bastard, Happy Sons and Daughters day to all of you out there and I hope you have a SPECIAL day.

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