With another year behind us, I want to share two sad stories from Saturday. We passed out 1500 meals to families, and the two stories that made an impact were heartbreaking. The first was of a woman who felt so bad because the COVID layoffs hit her after working at the same place for 25 plus years, and she bought her first new car in the summer. Things were really getting tight for her.

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The second was a person that said thank you so much and that they have been coming for years and left saying see ya next year. I wanted to tell her to make sure she wasn't here next year. Really work to make sure you could be on this side of the giving like many others who came before her. I wanted to tell her to have hope and double her efforts to get her feet planted, but I didn't. I wish people would realize that good things can come to them if they really have confidence in themselves. They CAN do it. It's not always easy, and maybe a little bumpy, but once you're there, it's so rewarding. I hope I don't see her and many others next year. That's a good thing. Happy Holidays  and we'll see ya next Monday at 5.

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