On the way to the first Alive After 5 tonight I dropped into St. Vincent's Thrift Store just before they closed to see if anything new and unusual had come in. As I've mentioned here before, I'm always on the hunt for mid-century modern furniture, lamps, art etc. That's when I stumbled upon this baby... a wood sculpture Space Needle replica ashtray.

Years ago I remember Mike and Frank on American Pickers saying that if you see something funky and cool that you've never seen before that you should buy it because you may never see another item like it again. Ironically I don't smoke so to me it's just a cool piece of American art representing the atomic age. I'm going to try to make money off of it (I paid $12.50) but it won't bother me a bit if there isn't a profit to be made because it looks pretty damn cool in my apartment... as long as I can bleach the stench of ashes out of the receptacle on the top.