Who remembers the fairy tale from years ago, Henny Penny, the chicken who ran around squawking that the sky was falling? Well, I have been feeling lately that we have way too many people doing the same about COVID-19. The world is ending, the world is ending. The moral: don't believe everything you're told. Make no mistake about it, I take this very seriously and we as a family are following the guidelines put out by the Health Department and the government. It's tough enough to decipher what is and isn't factual by watching and listening to the news cycles. If they are anti-administration, they report that they're doing nothing to help Americans and don't care, and if they're pro-administration, things are just fine. It would be nice if they just reported the facts and didn't try to spin things to fit their agenda and to get ratings. Now you have all of these "experts" or "keyboard" doctors and "scientific specialists" flooding Facebook with stuff.

Really folks, learn the facts and follow the guidelines. Social distancing, you don't feel good stay home, or if you are already made to stay home, then do it. It's not easy for any of us. I get that we are all stressed, but posting day in and day out about how horrible the president is will get us nowhere. Getting into Facebook fights (yes, I've been guilty of it) doesn't get us anywhere.

For the love of God, stop asking for medical advice on Facebook. I kid you not, I've read several posts that say, "My throat is sore, I'm a little tired, what is it?"  And cue the string of social media doctors with their advice like, "Go to the emergency room, gargle with salt water, take ibuprofen, sleep." I didn't realize there were so many doctors and nurses out there that had time to camp out on Facebook and freely hand out diagnoses. I think it's in everyone's best interest to let those that really do work in the medical industry answer those questions.  I am stunned by the anger and hate that is spewed out daily.

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