Do you folks know of ANYTHING that has not gone up in price?

My dog food jumped 10 bucks a bag in the last month. I don't care though cause he's worth it.

Oil products like gasoline have also jumped, of course. I bought a five-gallon bucket of hydraulic oil last fall it was $29. Last week I bought two more 5 gallon pails and they were $44 a piece.

Everything is changing so fast that you can't keep up.

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So Joe Biden announced that he again is freezing student loan payments until August. Why, if the economy is so good? He talks about low unemployment, higher wages and a thriving economy -- so why suspend the loan repayments? If anything you should accelerate the payments if the economy is going gang busters right?

You can't have it both ways: It's either good or not. Why don't they suspend all the money that we have to pay by April 18th. Why only suspend student money that is owed to the government and not worker money owed? Pandering, thats all it is.

Think about it, why would people most affected by this move, under 35, vote for an old washed-up long-time politician who has a laundry list of good ole boy politician stuff and indiscretions along with a dirty pay-to-play resume?

You guessed it: Money.

The ultimate goal will be to just forgive all the money they borrowed and gain a lifetime supporter. It works and that's the problem. Once a crack dealer gets you hooked, you're hooked.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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