There was a big article yesterday morning in the Billings Gazette paper about the rate increases that NorthWestern Energy wants. Of course, it was a weighted story talking about the burden it would put on people already struggling.

One woman said that it was the equivalent of 4 or 5 dozen eggs a week so what are they supposed to do?


First of all, don't eat so many eggs. Their energy share demand has actually gone down.

But what is a company supposed to do?

The current administration is putting such huge demands and restrictions on the energy business it's killing them. They shut down the coal plants and have new requirements in place for solar and wind that has added huge infrastructure expenses.

The environmental wing has now attacked the new $280 million GAS-fired plant in Laurel stopping the progress on that. The benefits paid to employees have skyrocketed, medical insurance in particular because of Obama care.

Can you give me any business or service that has not raised their prices with this Washington D.C.-induced inflation?

Senate Republicans Speak On Inflation
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Look what the attack on fossil fuels has done to gas and diesel. I keep telling people that your VOTE is the most important tool you have in your wallet so wake up.

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If you think it's bad now wait for 10 years and see what the price of things will be. Price evolution has been going on for 150 years and will never stop.

The secret is to take control of your own store and make sure you are prepared. That's how you stay ahead. If there were no profits America wouldn't be America, we'd be Cuba and everyone's trying to get the hell out of there...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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