Early this morning, we were talking about the 50th anniversary of Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's record for home runs. I think that Hank was the greatest hitter of all time, no doubt. Lead baseball in doubles, and RBIs, had over 3000 hits, was a career .300 hitter, and was the all-time home run champ, in the non-steroid era.

The part that was so amazing was that it was 50 years ago. Yeah, 50 years ago already. Isn't it scary how fast time goes? We are all here for such a short time, and the older you get, the more you realize it.

Fifty years ago when Gerald Ford was our President. Fifty years ago in 1974, gas was about 53 cents a gallon. What would the Gen-Zers say if you told them the average median income was $11,000? In 1974, you could buy a house for $29,000, and that was a new home too. The Beatles were still singing as a group. The drinking age in the country was 18.

Our test scores were supposedly the best in the world, and now we are close to the bottom. We had just reached the moon a couple of years before.

Fifty years doesn't take long. Just like this eclipse that everyone is so hyped up about. We just had one in 2017, only 7 years ago, and it did not leave a lasting impression on anyone. In fact, not many people even remembered we had one. The next one is only 20 years away, and the same thing will happen. No one will remember the eclipse of 2024, and fifty years back from that date will be 1994...I'll do another article on that one then...

See you tomorrow at 5.

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