Have you ever Googled your name or looked your name up on Facebook? Because I don't have a life, I have. And if Mark Wilson is a fairly common name.

There's a Mark Wilson who's a PGA touring pro. Someone sent me a picture of a realtor's pickup truck with my name on it from somewhere in Wyoming.

According to Facebook, there's another MW in Missoula. And we even have one mutual friend, even though we don't know each other.

You can look me up at the University of Iowa. I wonder if he could get me Caitlin Clark's autograph.

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I could go see Mark Wilson, who's the head of orthopedic military surgery in Syria.

We've gotten some mileage out of Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars, located in Ontario, Canada. I play their jingle sometimes and just have fun with it. I thought that I'd reach out to them. So I messaged them on Facebook. I asked if I could get a hat or a pen or something.

A few days later, a pretty good-sized box showed up on my front step. Not only did they send me a hat and pens, but I've got their official decals to stick on my vehicles that say "Another quality vehicle from Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars". Kinda cool.

Also in the box was an extremely nice winter jacket. Later that year when the snow came, I was going out to plow but couldn't find my regular jacket, so I grabbed the new one and went outside.

Fun fact: In Canada, zippers are installed the opposite of the ones in the USA. Zipping up left-handed might be one of the hardest tasks that I've ever attempted.

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