Today's Farmer Finishers, we are going to talk a little bit about technology and how things have changed. It's supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend long, so if you want to listen to something Saturday morning while having coffee, try some of our first-hour podcasts from this week. It will give you an example of what we do in the early morning hours before the rest of the world joins in. I mean that literally too, as the app allows anyone around the world to listen.

Had a great early morning story this week on Lou Contor, the last living survivor of The USS Arizona who died on Monday. This story will give you chills.

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Had a great discussion on a bloated government that is out of control and growing so fast we can't keep up. We add a city the size of Bozeman to the government payrolls every month. Just today we found out the Government added 71,000 new jobs in March again. It's out of control.

This morning was really good too as we delved into the new man-camp subdivision in the Heights but even better was the discussion on education. The proficiency numbers came out for School District 2 and they were abysmal. Parents, no doubt, are a lot of the problem and I talked about my own son's lack of effort which got my attention years ago, and how I dealt with it. Even used a phrase probably not suitable for air but it happens.

Good listening for a cool, rainy weekend. Enjoy, respond and we'll cover it all again on Monday at 5... Adios.

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