In Farmer Finishers this week, we are going over all the things that we learned this week. I learned that none of you could really come up with anything new to write about after 43,244 articles, so I'll still keep trying.

I didn't know that this week was Siblings Week, so I missed it. I very seldom talk to mine since we live such different lives and are so far apart, but I do have them.

We learned that the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving prints $541 million dollars a day that they put into the economy. We also learned that the U.S. adds ONE TRILLION dollars worth of debt every 100 days.

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We know that all of your bills just grew again this week when Joe Biden transferred all the student loan debt from students. Remember, all you folks aren't paying your fair share and those taxes are due, by the way, on Monday.

There's a big event this weekend at Metra if you're a PBR fan with bull riding. That's one article that got me the most comments when I said that athletes who participate in a timed and scored event for prize money don't necessarily make them a cowboy. Just like country music singers that wear a hat doesn't mean they are one either.

You'll be getting your ballots next week for School District 2's safety levy. Three school board positions are also up for grabs. Think about them carefully if you want to bring up the schools' 30 percent + or - proficiency ratings in math, reading, and science.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here Monday at 5.

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