No Friday Fragments last week due to flu symptoms. Haven't had that in years.

Not getting much press but Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that there was no actual science to back up staying 6 feet apart during COVID. "Social distancing"  Just sort of appeared. Your government was lying to you.

The state of Washington is proposing a tax for "The privilege of using ammunition". I'll bet people are flocking to that state.

Shout out to my buddy, Jack Harper, and Godfathers Pizza. I met my daughter there for pizza last night. And the pizza is good there EVERY time. And Jack is celebrating 39 years with Godfathers this year.

Montana Highway Patrol reports 30 vehicular deaths over the last 30 days in Montana. That's up 7% from where we normally are this time of year.

We had our document party this week to hand out everybody's documents and meet all the smiling faces that are going to Mexico with us in a few weeks. We met at Dan Walt Gardens, which is a nice facility.

Shout out to the Heights Auto Zone. One guy, who was a driver, not a counter guy helped my daughter find the correct bulbs for her car. Then another guy installed them for her. That's what customer service looks like.

This weather had me thinking about the coldest that I've ever been. Me and a couple of buddies spent 2 nights in a cabin at Seeley Lake in about 1989. It was 24 below the first night and 26 below the second. Yet my '82 Camaro started just fine.

Stay warm. See you Monday at 5.

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