Wasn't that alliterative of me?! Seriously though, if you, like me, are one of the thousands of people that does not want to have to deal with driving with the holiday traffic tonight then enjoy yourself a cold brewski or two and one of Montana's finest craft breweries here in downtown Billings. Also remember to take advantage of the Tipsy Trolley, Booze Bus or P-Line as I call it.

Since it began Friday night service to downtown Billings finest microbreweries and other watering holes the Billings Trolley's "Route .08" (okay I made up the name) has been a huge success. Score of Magic City denizens have hopped the trolley between these establishments:

The route travels between:

  • Angry Hanks (both locations)
  • Spirit of Montana Distilling
  • Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company,
  • Carter's Brewing,
  • Uberbrew
  • Trailhead Spirits
  • Himmelberger Brewing Co.
  • Montana Brewing Company.
  • Northern Hotel
  • Best Western

It's a great way to kick off Memorial Day weekend, have a good time, stay safe and avoid the crowded interstate.

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