Another fast-paced week as we wrap it up with Farmer Finishers.

So far the the flooding we were supposed to experience from all the rain has equaled about 15 hundredths at my place so I'm still waiting. I'll take all of yours so you folks can have a sunshine-filled weekend.

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We learned this week about when the lights went on at Wrigley Field and who the real Mr. Bojangles was.

If you listen to the podcasts one of the best rants of the week was about Yellowstone Park people wanting to turn the guy who rescued the baby calf from drowning in the swollen Lamar River into Pretty Boy Floyd and public enemy number one. Ridiculous.

Must see TV this week is our graduation feature this morning. We recognized the remarkable achievement of Taylor Kiel, the first valedictorian at Lockwood's first graduation. With the school's refusal to recognize this amazing academic achievement, we presented her with her a well-deserved award this morning.

Credit: TSM
Credit: TSM


Her speech was both moving and inspiring. To say she had to overcome obstacles and setbacks and face adversity would be an understatement. What a remarkable young lady who hopefully with her scholarship to Rocky will be taking care of patients someday.

Finally, it's Memorial weekend, and with so many who have died for freedom, enjoy what you have been blessed with thanks to their ultimate sacrifice. That's what they would want.

Veteran Salutes the US Flag
Credit: flySnow, Getty Stock, Thinkstock


Hopefully, if all goes well we'll all be back here on Tuesday at 5. If I decide not to retire and find a place in Lewistown...

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