I want to thank John Hogenson for giving me the backstory on my post yesterday.

What a great, small town Montana-neighbors-helping-neighbors story. Plus the lady is five years cancer-free!

I'm at the age where the history of my state has become very interesting to me. I'd love to drive the back roads of our state for hours taking pictures of old buildings, vehicles, and farm equipment. Then, be able to get the story behind each one. Who owned it and how it came to be abandoned where I took the picture.

I find myself giving the history of things that used to be there to my thirteen-year-old daughter. And she's about as interested in the history as I was at that age.

My grandmother wrote several books about settlers in the Fort Benton, Simms and Fort Shaw areas that I have never read, but need to.

And driving the back roads was a form of recreation when I was younger. First, when my folks would take me on roads that I had never been on. And every drive usually included a cheeseburger and playing some pinball in some tiny bar/café in some remote location.

Last Saturday was one of those kinds of drives for me. I did have an eventual destination, but I had plenty of time to get there. I'm feeling another destination-less cruise coming one afternoon this week before the snow makes its return this weekend.

I predict that this cruise will also involve a cheeseburger.

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