After the tongue-in-cheek feel of their single ‘You Lie,’ the Band Perry are calling their most recent single, ‘All Your Life,’ a “bona fide love song,” according to their Republic Nashville label. Referring to ‘You Lie’ as a “cheatin’ song,” Reid Perry says, “Naturally, in country music after a cheatin’ song you release a love song. And ‘All Your Life’ is our tribute.” The Perrys have seen firsthand the effect their love song has on crowds.

Twice when they were performing the song live, they witnessed marriage proposals, and both times the girl said yes. “So we’re two for two,” Neil Perry points out. “It’s a good luck charm for lovers.” Kimberly Perry adds that the band has also been asked to play several weddings, which they always see as a huge honor.

“Folks even want us to be a part of that day,” she says, “so you know it’ll be gettin’ a few folks down the aisle.” With the sweet chorus urging, “Well, I don’t want the whole world / The sun, the moon, and all their light / I just want to be the only girl / You love all your life,” the single, which was released in August, was tailor-made for aisle walking.

When they’re not ushering fans into marital bliss, the Band Perry have been keeping extremely busy. Nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist, the sibling trio made a New Year’s Eve appearance on ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” joined by the likes of Blink-182, Florence and the Machine, OneRepublic, Christina Perri and many others. Their self-titled debut achieved platinum status at the end of 2011, solidifying their place as one of the hottest emerging country acts.


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