One of my weaknesses is corn on the cob. And the local growers' trucks are starting to pop up all over town.

When we've talked about it over the years, we'll get calls from listeners telling me that I should try preparing it their way.

Microwaving in a wet towel, barbequing it with the husk still on, "OOOOOh you've GOT to try it in the Traeger" all sound great. But that's not how I like to do it.

(And I can already hear a chorus of "that's because you've never had corn on the cob the way that I make it"...)

Wilson's Great Corn 101. Start with good, local corn. Heaven knows you can buy corn on any busy street in Billings this time of year. I buy right after we get done here at the radio station. So it's very freshly picked.

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Then my next stop is my refrigerator. I believe that refrigeration adds a couple of days so that the corn will still taste fresh versus leaving it in your pantry at room temperature.

I boil my corn. Suggested cooking times run from 4-10 minutes. I do 10.

boil corn on the cob
Credit: MOHD HAFIZ YAHYA on Unsplash

Then I melt real butter and brush it on. I've heard of folks who butter up a slice of bread the rub the corn on it. I also heard about a guy who bites off a chunk of real butter and then butters the corn while he is eating it. Gross, but it probably works great.

Then the salt. Mortons will do, but I like the kosher salt. Bigger granules, more flavor.

Kosher salt is also the "secret" ingredient to put on steaks before I barbeque them.

I could be a redneck chef.

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