Earlier in the week, I did a post on word trickery and why people use the term recreational marijuana instead of legal drugs. Well, you can see the same thing when they talk about the "castle" in Billings, which was recently sold by Engel & Volkers out of Missoula. Which news media person decided to call it a castle when it's a large home? See, the point they are trying to make is that it's not right for people to have that big of a house. Maybe they are mad because of the carbon imprint on our environment. Who knows why, but a person should be able to do with their money what they want. Period.

Now, if it was truly a castle there would be some problems. Who do you call when the draw bridge has to be fixed? What do you do with all the alligators in the mote during the wintertime? Do the guards in the tower have workers comp covering them? Do they have any extra space available in the dungeon since our detention facility is full? Who makes wooden doors that big anymore, and do they have a staff blacksmith on hand for their ironwork? It's not really a castle but when people use terms like that it paints a false impression in people's minds. I happen to know the king and queen and they're not bad people. Not once have they ever sent anyone to have their head chopped off. I don't know when the royal ball will be, but I'm kind of anxious to see what they have done with the place. The previous owners, King Henry and Queen Elizabeth let the place go, so it needs some work. I hope they have those big turkey legs that you gnaw on for appetizers. I just love those. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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