It’s weird when the future comes true, and last night it hit me that we are now living in the age of the Jetsons. Remember that TV cartoon? All of the great things that George and his family had that made their lives better: a robot, a treadmill to walk the dog, video screens with their phone calls….wait.

I was doing that exact thing last night with two of the kids last night. They call it face timing, where you see the people on the other end of the phone call. Two of my kids are at college, so I like to keep up with them a couple of times a week. It’s really an easy way to see them, make sure they still look the same and get caught up.

But last night all the while I was talking to my daughter and son, all I could think about was that cartoon the Jetsons. I can remember watching the show as a kid, thinking how cool all that stuff they had was, and now I’ve got it.

I am now the George Jetson of Billings. Minus working at Spacely Sprockets, although our boss kinda resembles Mr. Spacely.