The power problem down in Texas and other states is not because of the weather. It's because we are not generating enough power to keep up with the demand. Why is that? Well, the population is growing, and electricity demands are growing. The amount of constant electricity that is available is diminishing, being replaced by sunlight or wind with no way to store it. We all knew this would happen.

Now the congressman from Idaho wants to eliminate 4 hydro-electric dams to help the salmon, according to the Associated Press. Ok, then replace that with what? We have eliminated coal plants, hydropower, nuclear, etc. to the point that we are vulnerable to this happening more and more. Choosing the right congressman would be better than choosing the right car with batteries that need to be charged. Let liberal states do it their way and states like ours that have endless natural resources do it our way. See who runs out. Coming soon to a theater near you, $3 gasoline. Hope your happy with this new direction we're going. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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