So I have this theory... when I pay for my own drinks I'm keeping count based on each time I pay. So if I've paid for 3 beers I know I've drank 3 beers. In radio, we'll often do events when we are provided free adult libations. Of course ladies often get this perk by virtue of being ladies. The danger however is that when each beer, hi-ball or cocktail is free it's like drinking out of the free drink hose and you have a real hard time knowing how much you've consumed and don't even think about when you should stop.

At least if you get drink tickets (such as at a Brewfest or other event where you pay a single price for say 3-5 tickets) it still allows you to count and stop at a prudent point in the evening. Think about that the next time you're getting "free drinks". That way you can avoid the embarrassment of asking friends for a ride home or having to hang out at the bar for 2 more hours and drinking ungodly amounts of H2O in an effort to sober up before you drive home.

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