Chips anyone? Not that kind of chips. There is a huge shortage of computer chips around the world that is having a real impact on all of the products we buy. Automobile manufactures are really behind. According to a recent 60 minutes report, Ford and General Motors have over 300,000 vehicles apiece waiting to install their software because of a chip shortage. Intel is only supplying about 27% of all the computer chips we need now.

The Asian manufactures are leading the way now including the company TSMC based in Taiwan. The question was posed to their CEO about how the U.S. fell so far behind and what we could do to improve. He said the first thing we could do is start encouraging kids to get degrees in these lucrative fields and start emphasizing more math and science in our schools. The basic skills required are skills these countries now lead the world in proficiency. We have fallen to one of the worst in the world. So sad.

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So what are we emphasizing now, and what required proficiency is needed to graduate and move onto the next level? CEOs of major companies around the globe know what kind of product we are turning out and they know where to go to fill their positions. The more we rely on other countries to provide the kind of technology we need to run just about everything, the more vulnerable we will be. More math, science, and reading skills, please. What is it going to take to change our current direction? See ya tomorrow at 5.

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