Your chance to Win A Gun happens every day until the end of September on Cat Country 102.9. It's the 30 Guns In 30 Days Giveaway supporting the Billings Firefighters Benevolent Fund. Tickets are available while supplies last at Scheels in Shiloh Crossing for $25.

Listen weekday mornings to Cat Country 102.9 when the daily drawing happens between 5am and 10am. Guns listed on Saturday and Sunday will be drawn for the following Monday morning.

Here is the updated list of daily winners:

  • September 1st: Remington 700 ADL w/ scope Winner: Brenda B. from Billings
  • September 2nd: Browning X-Bolt Winner: Levi B. from Laurel
  • September 3rd: Stoeger 3500 Black Winner: Nick A. from Billings
  • September 4th: Kimber 84 Classic Winner: Jake O'Toole from Laurel
  • September 5th: Remington 870 Wingmaster Winner: Edward Kilzer from Billings
  • September 6th: Henry Golden Boy 22 LR Winner: Charles Howe from Billings
  • September 7th: Howa 1500 GameKing with scope Winner: Eugene Redli from Columbus
  • September 8th: Remington 1187 Sportsman Field Winner: Chris Lowe from Billings
  • September 9th: DPMS RFA2 Bull 20-A3 Winner: Cliff Parker from Billings
  • September 10th: Tikka T-3 Hunter Winner: Ron Martin from Billings
  • September 11th: Savage with Scope Trophy Hunter XP Winner: Dan Hutchinson from Billings
  • September 12th: Benelli Vinci 12 guage, 3 inch Camo Winner: Susan Mack from Ballantine
  • September 13th: Remington 700 BDL: Tyler Loterbauer from Huson, MT
  • September 14th: Tikka T3 Lite: Michael Emett from Shepherd
  • September 15th: Winchester SXP: Shawn Coates from Butte Montana
  • September 16th: Sako A7 Synthetic/Stainless (Rifle): Bob Struckman from Billings
  • September 17th: Remington 870 Express-wood-3":Rich Aarstad of East Helena
  • September 18th: Howa 1500 GameKing: Brenda Blomberg of Billings
  • September 19th: Savage Axis II: Chris Lowe of Billings
  • September 20th: Browning BPS Hunter: Dick Dubell of Laurel
  • September 21st: Savage Trophy Hunter XP: Gabriel Snell of Billings
  • September 22nd: Remington Versamax Sportsman 12 Gauge: Chris Lowe of Billings
  • September 23rd: Tikka T-3 Hunter: Naomi Brumley of Shepherd
  • September 24th Remington 870 Wingmaster: Floyd Kirkham of Billings
  • September 25th: Winchester MDL 70 Sporter: John Sherman from Huntley
  • September 26th: Savage MDL 110FCP 338 Lapua: Keelan Clouse from Billings
  • September 27th: Remington 700 CDL: Dick Dubell of Laurel
  • September 28th: Marlin 336 C: Derrell Wutzke of Billings
  • September 29th Benelli Nova: Layne Stenberg of Billings
  • September 30th: GRAND PRIZE! Custom Shiloh Sharps 1874 Montana Roughrider 45/70, Handmade in Big Timber, MT: Jerad Werning of Joliet 

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