Here is a list of things you can get away with now that the weather is cold that you might not otherwise do on a normal day. For everyone who lives out of town, you can finally get ice cream home from the store. If you leave a Hershey Bar on the dash, no problem. You don't have to hand wash your car at the carwash. If you forget the roses for Sunday, it's okay, might not live on the way into the house. Everyone who makes their living selling ice skates or sleds, it's Christmas time for them this week. The people who stock the soup at the grocery stores will need a chiropractor. And perfect timing for gas to go up when everyone needs twice as much this week. So, put another log on the fire and pray for it to be Monday this time instead of Friday. See ya next week.

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While people in Montana may find it hard to travel anywhere from Billings because it usually requires flights with multiples stops, we found great opportunities just in the cities where Billings flies direct.

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