After trying for over 20 years to upgrade my fire truck, I finally got one, and I'm now better prepared to fight fire.

You wonder why it's so important? Yesterday, I was on my way home and I stopped along the side of the road to look at what is left of a hayfield. I desperately am searching for any forage that can be salvaged. The dry year is taking its toll on grass, hay, and crops alike. On my way back to the pickup, I looked down and saw this on the road just three feet from the ditch. Yes, a cigarette. Some a-hole driving down the road threw it out the window with total disregard of what it could have done. Oh how I wish I would have been there to see it.

Thousands of acres of grass, hay, and crops with no fire departments within 30 minutes and just tossed it out the window. We already pick up your tires, tree branches, beer cans, and wrappers, but this could kill people and endanger the others who will be called in to stop the havoc that you created.

An accident is one thing or a lightning strike is another, things happen. But your blatant disregard and respect for others' property and safety really pisses me off. You're lucky you weren't caught. That fine should be $5,000 at the minimum, plus pay all costs related to fighting the fire and replacement costs for all the losses that are incurred by the people who suffer damage. You'll get yours someday, and it's going to be hotter and drier where you end up.

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