According to the World Health Organization Luxembourg and not Ireland is #1 in the world in terms of per capita alcohol consumption. Here in America we finished a lowly 40th. We're world leaders. But here we go again, leading from behind. If you think President Obama doesn't care you're right. He's happy to sit idle while little peon nations live Moldova and the Czech Republic flash their microbrews in our face.

No one fears us anymore. There was a time when a drunk American meant something but President Obama and his liberal cronies want to confiscate our beer. President Obama's "Shuck and Jive" on this issue would be a lot easier to stomach after a hearty nut brown ale but nooooooo. Do you think they had a hoppy lager at any of President NO-Beer-Ma's community organization events? Nooooo. Wake up and smell the sobriety people... this isn't by accident.

Why doesn't President O-Buzz-Kill want you to top off the work day with a tall, frosty cold one? Because he's not American that's why. Ever see the beer section at a Kenyan grocery store? Exactly, neither have I.

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