Today is National Clean Out The Fridge Day. Normally, these National Whatever Days seem arbitrary and silly, but it actually makes sense cleaning out your fridge the week before Thanksgiving so you can load it up with American sized portions of comfort food and be ready for your carb induced coma next Thursday. My fridge is pretty much flawless, but that's only because I just got a new one about a month ago. Normally, I'll have at least two forgotten nasty things in the back or the "vegetable drawer" to deal with. I doubt I'm the only one who has had to deal with some partially decomposed vegetable sitting in a pool of brown liquid. Gross!

As your cleaning out your fridge, take a moment to think of those who have the opposite problem. Flakesgiving happens once a year, but they can take donations all year long, so it's never too late. I look forward to seeing all of the volunteers over the course of the next two days and of course the people who are getting a no-questions-asked meal thanks to our two hometown heroes and the many members of their listening family they have cultivated over the years.

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