As influential as Oprah Winfrey's "Don't Drive and Text" campaign has been over the years an important facet of the dangers of texting while in motion has been completely ignored... walking and texting. Just yesterday I was walking to Subway on Minnesota Avenue to grab a sandwich and was texting while crossing the intersection of Montana Ave and 27th st. When I entered the crosswalk the light was still green. Problem is that it wasn't green for long and I was lollygagging. All of a sudden I look up and the light was red. Fortunately the truck waiting at the intersection was paying attention (unlike me) and was patient. He would have been well within his rights to honk his horn and scare the crap out of me but he didn't. As you can imagine I was quite embarrassed and scooted across the intersection post haste. I'd also like to thank that anonymous driver for not revving his engine or doing anything else to jump start my 50 years old heart to teach me a lesson. The moral of the story kids is don't walk and text... at least not in traffic!

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