Just when you think Friday's can't get any better, we're adding Mackenzie River Pizza to your weekend kickoff with Free Pizza Friday's!

Cat Country 102.9 is coming to see you, wherever you work, with hot Mackenzie River Pizza for up to 20 people. Plus, we're bringing the new Cat Country 102.9 t-shirts for our winner.

If there is someone at your workplace that deserves a "thank you" with complimentary pizza from Mackenzie River Pizza Co., let us know. We'll bring free lunch in their honor to the office, or deliver to wherever they are currently working.

CLICK HERE to enter for Free Pizza Friday. Then listen every Thursday afternoon when Johnny V. selects one entry at random to win Mackenzie River Pizza.

Mackenzie River Pizza Co. is located on the west end of Billings at 3025 Grand Avenue. Mackenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub is at 405 Main Street in the Heights.

According to a study on Delish.com, the most popular topping in the state of Montana isn't bison or elk meat. We prefer the classic toppings of pepperoni and mushrooms, with marinara sauce. Mushrooms were the most popular pizza topping in Wyoming, with pepperoni and onion runners-up.

To see the Most Popular Pizza Toppings by State, CLICK HERE.

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