The calendar is littered with stupid holidays that most of us are oblivious to.  Today's is "National Have a Coke Day".  Now, if you were in southeast Kentucky where I grew up, that could mean anything from a Mountain Dew to a Pepsi, because in some regions, they call every carbonated beverage "Coke".  I had forgotten about that until last year when I went home for a visit.  Someone at my table asked for a coke and the waitress said, "What kind of Coke?  We've got Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Sprite..."

So, outside of that weird anomaly, the usual debate is between "Soda" and "Pop".  From my 14 years here, I'm pretty sure this is Pop country, but I do hear the occasional Soda.  What is your official word for this beverage that you likely shouldn't be drinking so much of in the first place?

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