Even though you probably know what we did on our vacations, I'll blog you a little something about it.

Paul worked. Let's see. What "work" did I get done? Well, I mowed twice and put handles on my daughter's new bedroom furniture. Other than that, my time was mostly playtime.

I played several beautiful golf courses, went to a one-year-old birthday party at the carousel in Helena, and went out of my way to find an Albertson's in Boise, Idaho that had a bar. Seriously. And because I tend to have pretty good luck at things like this, tap beer was half priced that day. Score!

Now we get to the busy part of our year. Paul and I will be at the new Den this Thursday from 5-7 getting listeners signed up to win our trip for two to Mexico in January.

Then, Saturday we are emceeing the Cole's Pantry fundraiser at the Montana Pavilion at Metra. Doors open at 5. Hope to see you there.


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