Wasn't that a party? If you weren't in attendance at the Muzzle Loader/Powderhorn on Saturday night, you missed a good time for our Flakes trip giveaway. Even if you weren't there for the free trip giveaway, it was a great get-together. And this year's crowd was especially raucous.

I told folks that we were going to select a winner Saturday night but wouldn't have the official results until Wednesday. A little election humor for the crowd.

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If you've never been to a Flakes trip giveaway party, here's a quick rundown: You are registered on a list, show up, and some of you get your name called from the drawing to be in the top 50. A few other lucky participants get called up to the front of the crowd to play a game in order to qualify in the top 50.

Paul was wearing a purse from some gal who was sorting Skittles out of a bag for a game and he honestly wasn't looking too bad. And he had some leftover trivia questions about our show. Tammy Hoiness earned her trip to the final 50 when she remembered when we used to do wake-up calls back in the day on-air. We made more than 30,000 of them.

So after she had won, Paul asked the crowd some of the remaining questions. One was: "Yellowstone County has a county sheriff, a county coroner, and a county treasurer. But Paul has declared himself the official county what?" So the very crowded bar yelled "@&&hole!" with no hesitation. It was pretty funny.

Folks always seem to enjoy our games. We play those so more people have a chance to be one of the final 50. You never knew how hard it was to get rid of all the red Skittles out of a big bag of them until we saw it done Saturday.

We want to thank our staff members who attended and helped out. And also want to give a shout-out to the staff of the Powderhorn for the great hustle and service for our crowd all night. You guys killed it.

Now we turn our attention to Flakesgiving this week. We've got a new number for deliveries this year. Call 406-970-2438 for meal delivery and catch all the details here if you want to donate or volunteer. Yes, you'll have to read them.

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