If you've got a full time job and a kid who's not old enough to be left at home to their own devices all day, summer can be a challenge. I've been lucky enough to have my mom come to stay during the summer months which has been a big help in taking care of my daughter when school is done for the year, but that's not a guarantee this year, so I'm looking for a plan B.

There are a few parents here at work who recommend the Boys and Girls Club of Yellowstone County. They do have some great programs to not just occupy your kid's free time, but to actually better them in many ways. Continually learning even when you're not in a classroom setting is a great lesson for kids. If they can manage to make it fun, then that's a bonus.

I can't say I have any personal experience with the Boys and Girls Club, but if you have something to share I would appreciate it. If you have a different plan that you think I should check out, please leave a comment. I'd be happy to help spread the word to other parents.

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