"And now, the end is near. As I face that final curtain.....I've traveled each and every highway. But more, much more than this. I did it my way" -Frank Sinatra/Elvis Presley.

Folks, I've got to tell you that I'm in a very reflective place in my life. The fact that I won't be working in radio by the end of next year is a distinct possibility. And I find myself wondering quite often, what's next?

If I want to get a job, there's never been a better time to be a trustworthy employee who can actually pass a drug test.

All I need is one more retired friend who likes to play a lot of golf and has more free time. We could travel and play every cool course that they would let us on to. (Spyglass, Pebble Beach, Shadow Creek. I'm talking to you.)

The retirees that I know tell me that retirement is fun. At first. I'm told that I need something to do. A place to go. A reason to be.

I'll be losing my "Uber dad" job in about 18 months, so maybe I'll look into driving for Uber. I like driving. I've always enjoyed telling out-of-towners where the good spots to eat are. So, that would fit me pretty well. If local law enforcement would just give me a patrol car with flashing lights and sirens, I'd be happy to wipe out all of the violations that I read about on the Billings Reckless Drivers page on Facebook.

I would also consider positions like a spokesman, Ferrari Sales, or Sheryl Crow's manager.

So many options.

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