If you're a regular reader of my blog (assuming there are regular readers of my blog... anyone? Crickets.) you know I visited Pictograph Caves State Park this Sunday and had a great time. It is a good, vigorous hike up to the caves from the parking lot, lots of greenery and spectacular views, picnic spots and the excitement of not knowing if a rattlesnake is just around the corner. But where are the pictographs. There are two main caves but the only pictograph I could make out with any detail is in the photo above.

What is it? As far as I can tell it is either a bunch of people paddling a canoe with a turtle head on the front or a triceratops (which didn't exist then) or a really crappy drawing of a centipede. I was disappointed that this was the only image I could make out. Apparently time and flash photography has faded most of the other images which were quite vivid at one time.