So October is national seafood month and think about it: Where do you go in Billings if you want great seafood?

I'm sorry but Long John Silver's and Red Lobster is not seafood, it's an attempt at seafood.

Now for you north of town, fish and chips are not seafood. I'm talking about great scallops or grouper, things like that.

Obviously, our location has a lot to do with our seafood options. Most we get here is frozen and once it's frozen it's not the same. If we had options as they do in coastal regions we would eat more.

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We don't eat nearly enough of it as it's great for our health. Tons of vitamins and energy and low calorie to boot. People in Japan for instance, their main diet is made up of seafood. Coincidentally they have the longest life spans, according to World Life Expectancy. Omega-3s and fish oils are great for your heart and circulation.

Susan Vineyard
Susan Vineyard

My daughter and husband went to Maine last week for their anniversary and ate it almost every night. The lobster dishes they had were unbelievable and of course so much cheaper. I'm not a trout or river fish eater, Montana Walleye is good, but you can't eat that every day either.

Look we're all different and can eat what we choose but if healthy foods were better we would all eat more of them. And honestly, it's hard to choose seafood at one of our restaurants when you know what the prime rib is going to be like.

Ours is better.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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