I must've had a dream about being on a game show recently but I don't know which one I was on. That got me to thinking which game show I could be on.

I used to think "Wheel Of Fortune" would be my best bet because I thought I could get the puzzles before other people. But whenever I'm watching it with someone, they always get it before I do. So that one's out. Too bad, too. I'd like to meet Vanna White.

"Jeopardy"? Unless my categories include country music trivia and 1970's car chase movies, I might be in trouble. (I even had to look up the spelling just now. It's an "A" after the "P", not "O".)

"Family Feud" is out because my mom only likes to play Scrabble or Monopoly.

"Press Your Luck" would be out. That whole "No Whammies" thing would be out of my control.

Wait. "Pyramid"! ($10,000 all the way up to $100,000) I can give clues like crazy. Looks like I'm going to be rich after all.


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