This place is definitely a hidden gem in Montana and has a lot of features and activities that people would absolutely love.

The Getaway made a list of the Best Small Town in Each State and I had to know what they chose for the great state of Montana. We are literally filled with small towns that all could be considered. The small town they ended up choosing is definitely a place that doesn't get enough consideration but is pretty darn special if you make the trip there.

The Getaway said the best small town in Montana is the isolated town of Libby, Montana in upper northwest Montana. Libby was chosen for a multitude of reasons from their incredible mountain ranges, national forests and pure nature scenes. Libby is a place you can get lost in the wilderness and enjoy the beauty of Montana. From waterfalls, hikes and rivers, Libby has everything.

James Pauls/Getty Images

I grew up in Polson and we would always make trips up to Libby for sports and every time we had the opportunity to stay overnight in Libby it was super special. Libby used to be a huge logging town back in the day and has a rich history but is literally just a short drive away from pure Montana wilderness.

The only thing is, you will have to take a little drive to get there but when you arrive, it's incredible. Don't miss out on visiting this fantastic small town.

For more details, check out The Getaway.

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