I am not sure what it is, but lately the “aging bug” has been hanging around me a lot.

This afternoon after I get off the air, I am heading to an eye appointment. I’ve worn glasses for the past 7 years – another one of life’s reminders of aging. But there is nothing worse than going to the Optometrists and have him tell you something like “Well everyone’s eyes get worse with age”…like I need to hear that.

And no matter how many times I put the color goggles on I still see the red and blue. And it’s always the “this one” not “that one”….and that eye chart. You would think with technology, they could come up something better than the letters. Make it something I really want to see!

Okay, rant over. On to the eye doctor where I’ll find just how progressive they can make lenses and get to pick out new frames…hope I can find something that makes me look and feel younger. Everything else sure hasn’t helped lately.

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