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National Savings Day is coming up on Oct. 12. It's a day set aside to try to get people to realize how important it is to save some money. If people would just save a little there would be no need for social security or state and federal retirements. All three are breaking America and we just sit here and let it happen. Keep in mind social security does not pay you interest on your money. Let me show you how it works. If you contribute $300 a month to an account starting at age 25 and do it until your 65 (retirement age) and could average 6% return, with compound interest you would have almost $600,000 in the bank. That's just with a bare minimum investment. Compound interest is the answer to everyone's retirement nightmares. We don't teach it and we as Americans are not disciplined. A state-run 401K with a match would get us out of the hole and provide more money to retirement than pensions. Do the math, you'll see. We never win, it will never change. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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