After a week of weak responses to my articles, I am feeling no pressure in today's Farmer Finishers.

Town is going to be crowded this weekend with the big traveling team volleyball tournament. Some 200-plus teams will be here for the weekend, so it's dollar time for many businesses. I can't even begin to tell you how many games and towns I visited with travel basketball, volleyball, and baseball. I know I started it in about 1997 or so and did it through 2015. Hundreds and hundreds of games, and that didn't include all the regular high school sports either. I loved watching my kids play more than I liked playing, so I know what you are all doing.

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Things are a lot more expensive now than back then. Fuel, hotels, eating out, and the tournament fee itself, are all victims of inflation over the years. I don't know how some families can do it anymore.

Still waiting for some good weather to get caught up on some farming stuff. The first batch of calves is branded and out for the summer. Still have some work to do on the waters this weekend and waiting for the wind to die down to get some spraying done.

Never thought I would still be using my furnace as much as I have been this week. Flower and garden planting all have to be put on hold until warmer weather hits by Mother's Day. Beartooth Pass had another setback this week with more snow, but they still hope to have things open by Memorial Day, so keep your fingers crossed for some 70s.

See you back here Monday at 5.

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